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When you order a custom video, you get to tell me exactly what wear, what to do and what to say. It's a 1080p HD scat video made exactly to your requirements!


It's perfect if you can't find one of my pre-made videos that suits your exact preferences, or if you want something really specific and you can't find it anywhere. Or if you just crave more Kaidence!

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The price for custom scat videos are as follows:

5 minutes: $75

10 minutes: $150

15 minutes: $200

Usually, 5 minutes is my minimum and 15 minutes is my maximum, but I can be somewhat flexible, so please ask.


If I need to purchase outfits, toys or props for your custom video, these will be paid for by you.

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It is my job to do whatever you want in your custom video, but I still have a comfort zone and there are still things I won't do, such as eating scat etc. However, I am certainly becoming more adventurous by the day, so try me!


I re-sell all scat custom videos on my scat clip store, so unfortunately I cannot say your name in your custom video.

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Payment is taken via credit/debit card (through my discreet card processing website) or BitCoin.


I do not accept PayPal, bank transfer or any other method of payment. This is for your safety and mine.

Please note that paying only gets you a copy of your custom video. I retain exclusive copyrights. You are forbidden, by law, to re-sell or share your custom video in any way.

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I make 1 scat custom video per week, on Thursdays. I deliver by emailing you a download link for your video.

Unfortunately I am not currently available for custom work due to an ongoing illness.





Thank you for your patience

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Email with your script/description to order.

Please try to include:

Where you found me.

Length of video.

Payment method.

Which Thursday you would like to book for.


Camera angles.

What you want me to say.

What you want me to do.

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